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See a Physical Therapist First for Kneecap Pain

Patello-femoral pain is pain around the kneecap (often on the inside or outside of the kneecap). It's usually the result of excessively intense or repeated, prolonged training.

The good news is physical therapy can help.

Multiple research studies conducted by scientists have proven that physical therapy can help with this condition.

If you or someone you know has pain around your knee, give us a call. Chances are we can help.

See a Physical Therapist First for ACL Injuries

ACL injury or anterior cruciate ligament tears are serious knee injuries. It was once thought that the only way someone could function or even return to sports was with surgery.

That's not the case. While surgery is necessary in many cases, a number of high-level athletes and non-athletes do just fine without surgery.

So, if you have an ACL tear, think about conservative, natural treatment first provided by a physical therapist. If that doesn't work, you may require surgery.

Here's a good reference:

Here's another about the success of athletes that are ACL deficient:

See a Physical Therapist First for Knee Osteoarthritis

If you have knee osteoarthritis, you should see a physical therapist first.

Surgery for knee osteoarthritis should be the last option. Clinical research conclusions are consistent - a physical therapist directed exercise program is effective for many.

Aerobic Exercise is Promising:
Strengthening Guidelines:

See a Physical Therapist First for Knee Cartilage/Meniscus Tears

A degenerative meniscus tear was once thought to be a condition that would only resolve with surgery.

Scientists have concluded that patients with knee arthritis and meniscus tears don't necessarily need surgery.

The first option should be physical therapy. If that fails, then surgery is a possibility.



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This is what our patients are saying...

"I had great time healing at Evidence PT the staff is amazing and will help you better understand your injury while working with you to heal. The best thing about Evidence PT is that the staff are more like a family and that's what's makes for a successful recovery. "
~ Racharde B.

"Physical Evidence have a wonderful staff. Each week I have felt better. Staff is very friendly and the work place is clean. Thank You Physical Evidence for everything!"
~ Samuel S.

"Will like to thank the entire team for the marvelous job they did to me.ln fact you have such a fantastic, kind, generous, polite and nice team.l will recommend anyone to go in their facility for any treatment. My best wishes to you all especially to my personal trainer."
~ Marcel E.

"Great place, I felt that the staff was very friendly and made me feel as if I was their only patient!! I would strongly recommend Evidence Physical Thearapy"
~ Theodore S.

"This was a great experience. Staff was warm and very encouraging. Would definitely reccomend."
~ Carolyn S.

"My experience her was exceptional. My husband recommended Evidence after having been here. I came from another physical therapy place which I was quite dissatisfied with. Warm and friendly and professional staff, clean environment, just an overall wonderful experience. Thank you."
~ Valora J.

"Exceptionally run operation from the check-in administrative staff to the therapists. Relaxed workout atmosphere and added service of texting appointments in advance was extremely helpful. Went from painfully sciatica condition to pain free in 8 weeks."
~ Tyrone H.

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